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Some of the game characters come from the Legotroopers movie :

Prefers action than thinking...

Yellow Infantry Troopers
Attack force, they are equiped with latest technology...

Red defense Troopers
They are snet on planets to protect the colonists and defends in the event of attack while waiting for the reinforcements. They also escort the convoys.

Death Troopers
They handle massives destruction weapons...

They are voluntary to live on new planets with their family. They have protection (Red troopers) and they can freely make the trade of the resources which they discover.

Other characters are not in the movie but are in the game:
The hackers
They traverse the galaxy in the search of vessel to be plundered. Nobody knows where is there nest.
With the wire of the battles, they could build a very complete arsenal, and, they have lots of attack tricks. When one finds a vessel empty, the hackers passed by there, because often the crew joins with them.

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